by Chidi Eghelle

Its a great pleasure to be here and I’m overwhelmed by the number of participants you have

Thank you all for being present

And I am going to try not to bore you here tonight…

Having said much… let me shoot

My presentation tonight will be coming in bits

And I urge all to read carefully….

So let me start

Hello everyone…
It is a delightful pleasure to be here and I am excited about it.

One of the things social media is “giving” BUT also TAKING AWAY from us, is the ability to physically interact…
I would have loved to see each person here physically…
(Yes… I am that analog… lol)…

But on the other hand… it also feels good to do this at everyone’s convenience…
and from the comfort of wherever we are right now…

Having said this…

I welcome you all to today’s conference and we will be discussing:

Job vs Entrepreneurship vs Survival.

I hope you find it worth while.


We are dealing with a topic that is as real as it gets and we have to be REALISTIC about it.

In context here:
1. JOB will refer to PAID EMPLOYMENT… like being and employee or a staff of an organisation.

2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP will define a business owner, a start-up, a self-employed person or an employer.

3. SURVIVAL as we know it, will cut across two broad zones:
a) STRIVING or STRUGGLING to exist or live.
b) LIVING with an understanding of ones potentials, passion and purpose.

Survival… is Key to the existence of every being. Irrespective of whether we understand our reason for existence or not.

Every human, wants to survive…

Yes… our choices determine whether we are LIVING WELL OR STRUGGLING TO EXIST, but at the end of all, it’s SURVIVAL.

I will give a one minute at intervals to allow you digest the posts

Permit me to Rearrange this topic like this:

Survival: Entrepreneurship vs Paid Job.

Survival is the key word here. It is;
•The Motivation.
•The End point.

We all want to live and make an impact in our world somehow, and that is why we;
° Get and Education
° Learn a Trade
° Get a Job (Paid Job)
° Start a Business (Entrepreneurship).

However, it is important to determine how you want to SURVIVE.

Do you want to struggle through it?
Do you want to sail through it?

Are we together?

When you struggle, YOU are not in control.
When you sail, you are in control.

That is why some water vessels are controlled by SAILORS…

SAILING here, being the journey life: SURVIVAL.

NOT everyone that moves a water vessel is called a sailor.
Sailors have some level of SKILL, that others do not have.

Bringing me to my next point.

Now there are basic prerequisites for survival.

1) Knowledge
2) Skill
3) Value
4) Ability
5) Opportunity
6) Reality.

This can be broadened, but let’s analyse these basic points, as they are the foundation for others.

I deliberately omitted PASSION…
and I will tell you why later.

This refers to the information you have, that can enable you make and take decisions for the present and the future.

Sometimes it has to do with your interests in a particular area.
Sometimes it is influenced by your environment, social group or your level of education, etc.

You may not require SKILL to acquire certain information that may be necessary for SURVIVAL, but you may need to be INFORMED to understand why you need a particular skill set, etc.

SKILL. This includes,

•Talent. Which is, your innate abilities that can be harnessed gainfully.
• Vocation. Which is, that handiwork you have acquired by apprenticeship, formal or informal education.
We may call it occupation, profession, etc.

VALUE. It includes,
•That Relevant and Unique “Extra”, that you bring to the table of your business. •Timely DEMAND for YOUR SKILL, which in turn ATTRACTS PAYING & CONSISTENT CUSTOMERS.

ABILITY means:
Do you have the capacity to survive?
They are the basic demands of feeding clothing and shelter.

Can you generate the required capital for your business, through legitimate means like; loans, self funding, partnership, etc? (For entrepreneurship).

Are you physically and mentally sound for the endeavour?
Can you carry out the intended work?
Irrespective of whether it’s paid job or self employment.

Are you within the age range acceptable for the intended work?
Are you initiating intended work at the right time?
Are you employing the right technology available for the intended work at that time?

Is the right avenue available for you to harness and showcase your potentials?

Can you identify these opportunities and determine your readiness to act?

Do you know how and where to start?

And if you don’t, are you genuinely willing to seek help?

This is a combination of all of the above.

Reality tells you where you are and what direction is suitable for you at every point in time.

Can you categorically identify whether you posses the skills you think you posses?

What is the economy of your environment saying, despite your skills and abilities.

YOU should determine how much of the ‘defined’ skills, values and abilities you posses…

Because SURVIVAL basically requires your honest appraisal of who you are and what you can bring to the table.

If you cannot categorically say, “I posses one, out of every item of truth listed above, then you need to go back to the point of “SELF IDENTIFICATION & SELF DEVELOPMENT”…
which naturally PRECEDES “CAREER PATH”… in my opinion.


Well, when you have understood and acquired what you require to survive, then you can start asking yourself basic questions like:

What route do I desire?
What route do I require?

Cause your desires may not be what you need at some point in time.

Sometimes we require a paid job
Other times we require self employment.

These days we are more inclined towards entrepreneurship…

It’s like there is a big wave in that direction…

However, it may not be necessary as a first step for survival.

Remember I said I will tell you why I omitted Passion?

Because even passion depends on your understanding of these basics above…

There is what i call “an exaggerated concept of passion”

And that exaggerated concept is “trending in out times”

Along side with other frivolous concepts like “slay kong and queen”… “pepper dem gang”

Well back to my point….

There is a wave in the air right now

And that’s the wave of entrepreneurship

And just like every other Nigerian thing… its been over flogged and bastardized…

By mediocrity (by the way we don’t fall into that category)

Now everyone wants to be an entrepreneur… which is good by the way

But we need to firstly understand our environment and our abilities based on the requirements i have given above

Some people are leaving their well paying jobs to become self employed and then change SURVIVAL status from

Entrepreneurship is good…
Paid job is good

And most times in our present economy…
We are faced with holding unto what ever opportunity we have at hand

While digging into better pastures

Which is an apt advice

Sometimes the capital (ability) that we require to sail into entrepreneurship… is raised from paid job

Do not underestimate humble beginnings

Now some paid job employees grow to become partners…

A partner has good stake in an enterprise

That is also a form of entrepreneurship… don’t forget that

I will drop something i shared in a similar group some months back in closing

Let me also tell you this:
Bill gates was from a comfortable home.
His Mother was a school teacher and his father was an Arthoney in Seattle.
And he VOLUNTARILY ‘dropped out’ of HARVARD UNIVERSITY, despite his good grades, … to start up Microsoft.

He wasn’t unintelligent academically.
He was already working on a version of computer programming language called “BASIC” in his junior year before leaving Harvard.
He had basic survival needs from his comfortable parents.

Does that sound like ‘someone who started from ‘NOTHING’? NO!


It is also a fact, that Steve Jobs and his partner made the very first 50 apple computers in his Grand Mother’s garage.
And though a lot of us CHOOSE to look at this TRUTH as a humble INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.

They had shelter, food and clothing.
They had a start up space in ‘grandma’s garage’.
They had the skills they required.
They introduced ‘value’ (that’s why the product sold).
They were realistic, ( so they produced just 50pieces).
And I believe they had capital to the tune of at least 50 computers.
And all these was in place before they SET OUT TO ACTUALIZE THEIR DREAM.

Their PASSION was to improve lifestyle through TECHNOLOGY.

And they understood what they required to actualize it.

Yes it was a dream, but it wasn’t a vague dream.
They knew the elements they needed and they SET OUT TO achieve it, using the right skills and exploiting the right opportunities.

Now I believe we are all adults here…

I am not here tonight to tell you what career path to follow

What i am here to say is this.

Embody your skills….
Add value to it….
Opportunities will come..
Identify the RIPE opportunities…
Cos truth is, you may not be ripe for all

And pls pls pls… always remember to seek good counsel from the experts

I have a coach i run to when i have issues

And delightfully he is in the house today

I even contacted him before i started

Don’t be an island

You may make mistakes

We in Nigeria often start up with paid jobs

Some delve into entrepreneurship

Some form great alliance in multinationals where they work

Whatever works for you must be leading you to an impactful life

Not a struggling life

However, we are all adviced to tap into our hidden talents and make it a dream come true someday for the world to benefit…. (we call it passion)

But before you can do that…. go back and read through these notes again…

Thank you so much my dear friends

*Chidi Eghelle
Architect, Entrepreneur.


Thanks for your comments!!!

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